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(L-R) Fintech's Infrastracture and Services manager George Ondego, CEO Fintech Group, Barry Ryan and Vincent Ondiff, the Regional Manager at the launch

Fintech, a leading enterprise information technology solutions and services provider, today launched a new generation of smart point of sale (POS) devices.

These will increase efficiency in payments for retail customers.


The POS deviceswill allows real time cash and cashless transactions across multiple platforms.


Fintech who are the sole distributors of the new POS devices locally are optimistic that the new technology will greatly improve transaction turnaround for retail businesses.


The devices are aimed at delivering a more reliable, sustainable, flexibleand secure experience to the different users.

They are more like a modern phone which operates on different customized versions of android, integrated with card payment systems, camera, a high speed printer and scanner.


They are also integrated with different communication modules such as 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS among others.

“After an extensive research we discovered a very specific need to produce a device that is reliable and flexible for the agency banking system…” said Mr. Barry Ryan the CEO of FintechInternational in an interview.


He added that the devices have many advantages which include affordability, easy to use, highly secure and allow for mass customization.

According to Fintech, the introduction of the devices was inspired by the need to counter challenges service providers faced when using traditional POS.

“We are very keen to address the area of financial inclusion with the products and services we offer. We want to make sure that people who are deep in rural areas can access financial services” Said Vincent Ondiff, FintechRegional Manager.



Audience at the launch

Audience at the launch

Addressing stakeholders during the launch, Mr. Wilbrod Owor the Executive Director of Uganda Bankers Association said “I have been close with Fintech team in my banking life but closer when they were delivering the agent banking devices.


“Fintech walked with us all the way. The sector is being driven by technology and digital infrastructure is going to be the agenda for a very long time.”









  The 2018 KAFOSA WORKSHOP was hosted by Turtle Bay Hotel, Malindi between April 26th and 28th.

Polycup Presenting

Polycup Osero (Head of Marketing, Fintech Kenya) presenting during the conference where he talked on FINTECH's Dispute Resolution Technology for enhancing digital operational excellence


Addis Ababa hosted The 5th Ethiopia Banking & ICT Summit on 27th April, 2018.The summit which attracted heads of ICT sections in different banks in Ethiopia and professionals in related businesses was held at Sheraton Hotel. Fintech,with representation from Polycup Osero, had the opportunity to be a part of the sponsors of the Summit, which was organised by Cyber security Africa.


With the aim of the summit being familiarizing banking professionals with the latest industry trends and technology solutions for emerging challenges in the banking industry ,Polycup got a chance to shed some light on enhancing digital operational excellence and overcoming the challenges surrounding banking and ICT transformation and the impact of technological development with his presentation on dispute resolution where he outlined the steps taken by one of the online dispute resolution technology systems developed by FINTECH   that can be used for reconciliation of  transactional errors transparently by involving all parties who have taken part in the transactions within a financial system.


Polycup Lawrence

Polycup Osero (FINTECH) & Lawrence Muka (KENSWITCH) at the Conference in Addis


Apart from reducing reconciliation errors in the tiring manual paper-based system, it also allows pro-active pick up of unmatched transactions round the clock, manages automatic variance adjustments intelligently and manages large volumes quickly which results to efficiency in the process


More the conference here:






Vincent Ondiff, Fintech Group Regional Manager and Charles Kabanga, Senior Business Analyst

making presentation on Shared Services Model to the SACCO Managers



Fintech partnered with BOSCCA (Botswana Savings and Credit Cooperative Association) to sponsor 2nd SADC SACCO Managers Forum in a five-day event to provide a networking forum for the Cooperatives in the SADC region at Gaborone, Botswana.

The Conference offered Sacco management professionals the opportunity to take part in more than 20 informative sessions which attracted about 250 delegates from the SADC region. The objective was to share experiences and ideas to help grow Sacco’s and also to learn from different successful countries in order to improve the performance of Sacco managers and their Sacco business as well as develop skills and knowledge relevant to their needs in day to day Sacco operations

“It was my pleasure to attend the SADC SACCO Managers Conference held at the Cooperative College in Gaborone, Botswana. The event was a sound and worthy investment of our time and resources that will result in tangible, immediate and long-term benefits. Based on these sessions coupled with industry networking opportunities, I can confidently validate current efforts made by our Finfinancials team in coming up with a robust CBS platform for the African region, adding onto several of our existing solutions,” said Vincent Ondiff, Fintech Group Regional Manager


IMG 20170912 WA0025



Mr. George Ombado – CEO ACOSCCA engages in a discussion in the conference.

Next to him is Mr. Ludwig Ehard – DGRV Director Regional Program for Africa




IMG 20170912 WA0028


Charles Kabanga addressing members of the conference during the networking sessions.

He delved deep into benefits of Shared Technology Platform



IMG 20170922 WA0005


BOSCCA Members who attended the Conference



IMG 20170922 WA0006

Mr. Ludwig


IMG 20170922 WA0008


Vincent Ondiff receiving a present on behalf of Fintech

from Mrs Jeanette Makgolo of BOSCCA










Fintech was one of the partner sponsor and exhibitor, creating awareness on how our solutions and services can help the financial institutions meet the needs of the ever changing market place in the two-day event that took place at Kigali Convention Centre. Dot Finance Africa is the largest fintech event in Africa that brings togetherfinancial service providers and technology vendors to build valuable and long-term partnerships and define the future of finance in Africa. This opens up new competitive models to be adoptedby the financial institutions as well as giving them the opportunity to embrace new, collaborative methods that will grow their business in the world’s fastest growing market.