Our IFRS9 automated solution called FLEXFINANCE from FERNBACH is a comprehensive, web-based and integrated solution for the calculation and accounting procedure for risk provisions. It provides everything a bank needs for the calculation of IFRS formula elements including:

  • Probability of Default
  • Loss Given Default
  • Exposure At Default
  • Expected Credit Losses
  • Risk provisioning
  • Impairment stages 1, 2 and 3 including scenarios

Its capabilities conveniently handle the cash flow plan generation, Categorization, Impairment, hedging, and Financial accounting. It contains a results layer data mart that provides for easy regulatory disclosures. The IFRS9 automated Solution handles the functional process steps for:

  • Classification
  • Valuation, including Effective Interest Rate EIR calculation
  • Amortization schedules,
  • Fair value calculation based on discount cash flow method,
  • Collective Impairment for stages 1 and 2,
  • Customer Specific Impairment for stage 3,
  • Accounting Rules Engine for generation of debit/credit entries
  • General Ledger for the entire financial and non-financial portfolio
  • Standard IFRS-Reports

Based on historical data (payments, scoring, rating etc.), FlexFinance is able to estimate payment behaviour (e.g. prepayment behaviour) and/or risk measures like Probability of default (PD), Loss given default (LGD) and Exposure at Default (EAD) for impairment calculation. The blueprint for Impairment covers in general the requirements related to “Expected Credit Losses” in IFRS9 for all financial assets and stages.


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